The Melton Center

Back in October, a friend from West Chester, PA calls and says, “Hey, I’ve got a story you might be interested in. It is a true story about empowerment and awareness of human potential.

After meeting Ken Winston (Executive Director of the Charles A Melton Arts and Education Center), and listening to his story, I thought, rather instinctively: Gee, he is the story, the parallels and the strength of his own personal transformation were inspiring (and yes, quite possibly a whole other story in itself).

As he shared his passion, commitment and life journey, my first thought was HERE is the story. Ken had such a compelling personal journey of transformation. After meeting some of the stakeholders in this historic landmark of a place, we discovered an even more powerful story, of one amazing human being, but also a community standing for a better tomorrow. A group of people of various age groups, socio-economic background, race, gender and all committed to improving their lives and forging a stronger community.

“The Mission of the historic Charles A Melton Arts and Education Center is to contribute to the quality of life for all people of the greater West Chester community by continuing its long commitment to providing educational, recreational, cultural and civic services.”

Enjoy this mini doc about this amazing group of people, working to shape their community and build a better tomorrow. Please, don’t forget to visit them and see what they’re up to.

And, if you know of any organizations that are doing great work in their community, let us know. email us, we’d love to contribute by telling their story.