We are two experienced filmmakers who live in the Washington Metropolitan area. Our story (Kauri Media) started a few years ago, at a coffee shop. To make the story short, we started a production company that not only will tell stories, but also will make them memorable. We strongly believe that we all have a story to tell, or to be captured. We are a team of dedicated filmmakers who have common goals, that is to provide quality product to discerning individuals, groups, and/or organizations wishing to bring their idea to a screen. 

We create cinematic and documentary style films. Story telling is what drive us the most. We go beyond capturing the day, and we take pride in doing so as weave a memorable story. 

Capturing key, important moments of your company or event. While we take filming seriously, we spend weeks on our editing board, crafting a piece that will meet your needs. 

we are cinematographers who focus on the story-telling aspect, which means thoughts and strict attention are put into shots that we capture, using industry leading technics and state of the art equipments.

Bilingual (Write full sentence and insert where it should be) 

We are looking forward to meet with you, over a cup of coffee or tea and discuss your project. Otherwise, we will constantly be checking our devices!